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Planning Tips Pinterest Image with title that reads "Start Using Teacher Slide Templates, You'll Thank Yourself" over a flatlay image of a pink teacher planner and pens

Take the time to use teacher slide templates, you’ll thank yourself.

You might be wondering what all the hype is about using teacher slide templates. You’re probably thinking you don’t have the extra time to make all these “cutesy” slides just to hop on another trend. But I’m guessing if you’re here, that you’re a little curious if using slides could be of benefit to you. 

I’m willing to bet that if you take the time to use teacher slides, you’ll thank yourself. 

For context, I’m a fourth-grade teacher who also balked at the idea of adding slide creation to my plate. I thought using teacher slides meant adding yet another thing to my to-do list. 

What I didn’t know was it would actually streamline my planning process and give me a system for all the things I was already doing. 

Now that’s not a waste of time, is it? 🤔

Let’s dive into it.

Planning Tips Pinterest Image with title that reads "Start Using Teacher Slide Templates, You'll Thank Yourself" over a flatlay image of a pink teacher planner and pens

Teacher Slide Wins

There are many ways that daily slides can support you and your students in the classroom. Below, I’ll outline some of the ways that can apply to all classrooms.

Student Independence & Organization Skills

Using teacher slide templates in the classroom helps your students build independence. They get used to referring back to the classroom slides to follow instructions. 

Imagine not having to answer that dreaded question, “What are we supposed to do again?” 🤦🏻‍♀️

Along the same lines, slides provide visuals and written instructions to support those learners who need them. It gives them a reference point if they are unsure what to do which can support them in staying on task.

Teacher slides also help build organization skills within your students, in a few different ways. You can support them in staying on top of events and due dates by using daily agenda slides. Project the slides and have students note down important information in their binders or student agendas. Slides can also be used to list any materials that students need prior to beginning a task or assignment. 

Keep It Rolling

Teacher slide templates help keep the day moving forward, at a good pace. How many times a day do you rush back to your plan book because you forgot what you were going to do next? With daily slides, there’s no need. Keep it rolling by just clicking ahead through your slide deck.

Better yet, you don’t have to open 20 tabs in preparation for the day. With teacher slide templates, you can embed videos, use links (hello direct linking to Google Drive) and insert photos. That means everything is right there when you need it! 

For more on how to get the most use out of daily class slides, check out this post.

Classroom management

Teacher slides also help you keep on top of your classroom management game. With the use of slide timers, you can help students (and yourself) with time management. Type out clear expectations on slides so that students can be directed to follow the expectations instead of repeating yourself for the 28th time. 

Substitute Teachers Will Thank You

Teacher slide templates are super helpful to share with a substitute teacher when you need to be out of the classroom. This is especially helpful if your students are used to following daily slides. By sharing slides with a substitute, they get easy access to any videos or resources you would like them to use throughout the day. You can even write our expectations for students to ensure they are communicated as they would be if you were in the classroom.

Read more on how to use daily slides within your sub plans.

Different Ways to Use Teacher Slides

When getting started using teacher slides, it can be overwhelming to get a handle on the different types of teacher slides. I’ll outline the four main types below. This will give you some ideas on which teacher slide templates you'd like to start using.

Daily Slides

Daily slides typically involve slides that follow your day’s schedule. Think of them as a roadmap for your school day. Daily slides are a sequence of slides that lay out the day for you and your students like a day plan would. 

When teachers use daily class slides, they typically include slides with expectations for the day’s assignments and tasks, transition slides, and slides that outline the day’s lessons.

Agenda Slides

Use agenda slides to share information with students such as classroom or school-wide events, homework, due dates, etc. I also love to screenshot or download agenda slides to share directly with students’ parents, too.

Morning Slides

Use morning slides to share morning announcements, bell work tasks, the day’s schedule, and to share a morning message with students. You can also share daily morning meeting prompts.

Morning slides help to promote a calm morning routine in the classroom since students become used to referring to the morning slides each morning so that they know what to do. 

Lesson & Unit Slides

Lastly, there are subject-specific slides that you can reuse year after year if you remain in the same grade. You can use teacher slide templates to create slide desks for specific lessons and/or units. 

Teacher Slide Template Options

DIY Teacher Slides

There are quite a few free websites where you can create your own teacher slides a few that I’ve used in the past are:

Done For You Teacher Slides Templates

Want class slides that are done for you and ready to use? I created these slides with all the templates you need: daily slides, morning slides, subject-specific slides, and daily agenda slides. 

Grab these 200+ slide templates to save you a whole lot of time! Start planning with slides right away!

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Amber Evancio

Amber Evancio

I'm Amber Evancio and I currently teach grade four in Northern Canada. I'm passionate about helping teachers lead their classes with efficiency and love.


I’m Amber Evancio and I currently teach grade four in Northern Canada. I’m passionate about helping teachers lead their classes with efficiency and love.


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