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Classroom Management,
Classroom Community,
OrganizatioN, and Planning

for Elementary Teachers

I’m passionate about helping elementary teachers efficiently run their classrooms, with love, through classroom management, community building, organization, planning and productivity.

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Behaviour tracking tools are my favourite classroom management strategy. Try one out today, for free. I promise, it’ll be a game changer in your elementary classroom!

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At Learn Grow Blossom, you’ll find “everything but the curriculum.” That means that I create tools and resources to help you run your classroom lovingly and efficiently through classroom management, classroom community building, lesson planning, teacher organization, student leadership, and the list goes on…

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Your TpT Business bestie mentorship

This is a 1 on 1 mentorship for anyone who is new to selling on Teachers Pay Teachers or is a *new-ish* seller. It’s specifically for TpT sellers, your store and marketing your resources (think: email, social media, blog, etc.) We will keep it casual and chat through Voxer to keep you working toward your TpT business goals, with individualized support from me.

The Balanced Teacher Method

Get our proven method for finding balance in the classroom, reclaiming your time & reigniting your passion for teaching. We teach you how to set up your dream schedule, efficient lesson planning and grading, and how to get to the end of your to-do list.

What Abbey had to say about The Balanced Teacher Method…

“I loved doing the time audit. I understood why it was so necessary. I came to realize how many minutes or even hours I spent wasting my time scrolling on social media and neglecting other parts of my life. I waste time, and then I frantically rush due to the fact I’ve wasted my time. I also liked the segment about “batching” time. Getting similar tasks done with blocks of time. Like, grading papers while my clothes are drying, or planning for a week while you’re sitting down as opposed to just planning for the next day… I am loving it!”



Meet Amber

I’m Amber Evancio and I currently teach grade four in Northern Canada. I’m passionate about helping teachers lead their classes with efficiency and love.

Here’s why…

My first year teaching, I learned very quickly that I would not thrive as a teacher without a well-managed classroom.

We all know the pieces that make up a well-managed class: classroom community building, classroom management strategies, solid lesson plans, student leadership, etc. In my first year, I didn’t have all those vital ingredients and the overwhelm was hitting me, HARD. So hard, in fact, that I wasn’t sure if teaching was for me and if I would be able to continue.

Luckily, I persevered and started to try a ton of strategies and ideas. Some worked, and some failed miserably. Bit by bit, I started to learn all the important pieces that would lead me to creating and fostering a well-managed classroom, year after year. With those things in place, I can do what I am set out to do, educate students. 

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