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Let’s have a heart-to-heart about the chaos that can be classroom management. We’ve all been there. *Insert story about my first year teaching here.* It was bad. I found myself debating if teaching was something I could actually do. For real.

But hey, what if I told you there was a tool I’ve used daily for years that made all the difference? What if I told you that I want to share it with you, for free?

Introducing the behaviour tracking freebie… It’s a quick and simple student reflection tool that will support your students in reflecting on the choices they made that day. When used consistently, it will lead them to make better choices. I’m confident in that.

Picture this: students reflecting on their daily antics. It’s almost like they’re becoming responsible or something. Revolutionary, I know. 💁🏻‍♀️

Daily and monthly behaviour tracking resource

So, if you’re ready to kick disruptions and missing assignments to the curb, here’s the deal: plug your details in below and I’ll send that right over to you. Because who needs chaos when you can have calm?

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