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30 Essential Classroom Procedures To Teach In The First Week of School

Every year, I’d feel overwhelmed as I tried to remember the dozens of classroom procedures that I teach my students the first week of school. That was the case until I created a list that I can refer back to when making my lesson plans for the first day of school.

Below, I’ll go over the gist of what I teach students for each of the 30 classroom procedures. Keep in mind that this is different from year to year depending on my students and my current class setup. The way you teach these classroom procedures and your expectations for each one will likely be different than what I’ve listed but, it’s often helpful to work from an example. 

Before we get into the list, you can download the printable classroom procedures freebie so that you can keep it on hand as you plan out your first week of school.

Also, if you’re wondering how exactly I teach each of these classroom procedures, check out this post: How I Teach Each Classroom Procedure During The First Week of School.

Pin with title "30 Classroom Procedures to teach in the first week" with school supplies in the background

My Complete List of Classroom Procedures

Using the Bathroom

Move your attendance magnet over to “out” so that I know that you’ve left the classroom. Please try your best to go to the bathroom when I am not directly teaching the class to minimize disruptions. You do not have to ask for permission, as long as you do not take advantage of our system.

Getting a Drink

Same procedure as using the bathroom.

Sharpening Pencils

You can use the classroom electric sharpener but please make sure you do not use it when I am speaking to the class. If it is full, please empty it.

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Getting Supplies

Most of your supplies will be kept in your bin inside your cubby. You can keep a few supplies that you use frequently in your seat sack such as your pencil and eraser. Watch for the students kneeling below you if you get your supplies from one of the top rows.

Classroom Jobs

Everyone will have a new classroom job every two weeks. It’s important that everyone works hard to do their class job so that our classroom runs smoothly. If you notice someone is forgetting to do their class job, you can politely remind them or take initiative and do it.


When you arrive in our classroom, there are a few things that you need to do. First, bring your water bottle and agenda into the classroom. Then, you’ll move your attendance magnet from “absent” to “here”. After, you will start the morning bell work until announcements. 


At the end of each day, we will clean up our classroom. Afterward, you will complete your behavior tracking and raise your hand so that I can check it. If there is an agenda message to write, you will write it in your agenda then get ready in the hallway.


We have a microwave that you can use for lunch. I ask that you don’t use it for more than 30 seconds because everyone needs to have a chance to microwave their lunches. Please stay seated for all of lunchtime unless you're throwing something out, going to the bathroom, or getting a drink. Most importantly, clean up after yourself when lunchtime is over.


If you need to use the bathroom, please go before you head outside. To come in, line up at the bell and the supervisor will let classes in one at a time.


Similar to lunchtime. Please make sure you clean up after yourself.


When you're handing in your homework, please put it in the bin on my desk. If you are late handing something in, please talk to me about it instead of waiting until I find out. Honesty is always the best policy.

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Turning in Assignments

Sometimes I will want you to turn in an assignment for me to look at or grade. Other times,  I may circulate around the room and check as you work on them. I will let you know at the start of the assignment. If I’d like you to turn it in, please write your name and put it in the turn-in bin by my desk.

Helping Eachother

I look forward to growing as a class family which means we will help each other. I want you to feel comfortable asking your table mates for help instead of only relying on me.

It’s very important, though, that when you’re helping a friend with something that you provide them with help as a teacher would so that they can do the task on their own instead of blurting out the answer.

Classroom Management System (Rewards)

In our class, we will use a house system. Each house is working for points. At the end of the week, the house with the most points can choose a reward.

If the entire class is doing so great that it’s hard to choose which house to give a point to, I may spin the wheel to see which house earns the point. A house leader will give their house the point on the whiteboard. There is also a house points leader who will record the running total at the end of each day.

Entering the Classroom

When we enter our classroom after being in Music, Phys. Ed., etc, please go straight to your spot and be ready to start our next subject.

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Leaving the Classroom

Before leaving the classroom, please make sure your spot is clear and your chair is pushed in.

Lining Up

Remember that we are all going to the same place so we won’t be arguing about who is where in line. Please give a bit of space to the door to make sure we can open and close it safely. We cannot go anywhere if we are very noisy in line so let’s make sure we are quiet when we line up.

Must Do

Unfinished work will go under the “must do” section of our board. You will work on these tasks when you’re finished work early or have free time.

May Do

If you’re finished work early or have free time and your must dos are done, you can work on any of these may do options.

Classroom Library

We are blessed to have a lot of books in our classroom library. It’s important that we keep it organized. We have fiction picture books, fiction chapter books, and non-fiction books section. Each section is labeled by the author’s last name. Let’s make sure we put books back in their spots.


Make sure to move your magnet each morning and never move anyone else’s magnet. I use these magnets to take attendance so it’s important that they are accurate.

Lost & Found

If you find something in the class that you don’t know who it belongs to, put it in our class lost & found. If you lost something, you can look there. If you find something outside of our classroom, you can put it in the school lost and found.

Fire Drill

First, remain calm. We will line up as quickly as possible and exit the classroom right away. It’s important to pay attention and stay with our class. When we get outside, please line up right away so I can take attendance. We will wait patiently to hear that we can return to the school.


Again, stay calm. I will teach our school procedures for lockdowns.

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Signals for Attention

If I say “freeze” please make sure you 100% freeze. That means that your entire body stops moving. Most of the time, if I just have info to share I will speak loudly so that you can hear me but I will not require you to actually freeze. If you hear me speaking loudly, that means I need everyone to hear me. Please stop talking during that time. 

Using Classroom Tech

We are very fortunate to have access to technology in our school. It’s very important that we respect it. Please walk with it carefully and treat it nicely. It’s also important that you are only on websites or apps that I ask you to access. If not, you will lose it.

Whole Group Lessons

During whole group lessons, make sure that you’re being an active participant. That means that you’re listening, following along, and participating by raising your hand. If you have a question, please raise your hand to ask. 

Coming to the Carpet

When we transition to the carpet, please do so as quickly and calmly as possible. I prefer to allow you to choose where you’d like to sit on the carpet, however, we need to be able to do this quickly and make sure that everyone feels included. Please make sure we include and make space for everyone.

Leaving the Carpet

As we exit off of the carpet, be careful of others’ hands. Again, switch to the next task as quickly and calmly as possible.

Choosing a Spot

When given the choice to pick your own spot on the carpet or throughout the classroom, please make sure you make a choice that’s best for your learning. Choose a spot where you will do your best listening and your hardest work.

That’s a wrap! It’s wild to think through all the procedures that I go over with my students during the first week. It's a lot, so make it fun for them.

Want to find out more about how I teach these classroom procedures to my students? Read How I Teach Each Classroom Procedure During The First Week of School.

Amber Evancio

Amber Evancio

I'm Amber Evancio and I currently teach grade four in Northern Canada. I'm passionate about helping teachers lead their classes with efficiency and love.


I’m Amber Evancio and I currently teach grade four in Northern Canada. I’m passionate about helping teachers lead their classes with efficiency and love.


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